Retail, unleashing the sizzling romance of fashion, sales and that “feel good” ideal

saleThrough shopping for a birthday event recently it  became apparent to me that as a consumer it was an absolute necessity to purchase a top to toe new outfit for nights out. Not only is it important to feel like your outfit is 100% on point for the occasion, the thrill and excitement of having a new outfit to show off convincingly makes the night more enjoyable. It was during this experience that I became to ponder the idea of the effect sales were having on my spending outcomes.

As I jumped on board of the Westfield express shoppers club, I had approximately 2 hours free parking left. Mission accepted!

Stop One Dress…

Gazing through the shop fronts of Westfield, I was drawn to the ever so appealing red and white sale sign. Thaallyt was the make or break decision, Ally would be the starting point of my mission. As I wandered into the store beautiful garments greeted me. Long dresses, tight dresses, little black dresses, peplin skirts, party tops all crying the word SALE. It took less than 5 minutes to gather five possible outfit choices and locate the in store change room to view the choices at hand, however it was only one outfit that was to be. A stunning mid calf length tight black dress with a lace insert, and at 50% off the decision was made. There was no other option but to purchase this divine dress for my outfit collection.

Stop Two Shoes…

It only makes sense to match a beautiful dress with complementing shoes. The element bettsthat was now an absolute necessity seeing as the dress was purchased at such a cheap price. Skimming through the shop fronts of the surrounding stores my eyes were hooked on a nearby shoe store with a wall of the glorious sale signs. It was a match made in heaven, perfect blue heels to make the accompanying long black dress pop with colour, high enough to look dressy, and elegant enough to look formal. 70% off and a perfect size nine these heels were meant to be.

Budget Status…

Well below budget. At this rate a whole new outfit could be purchased and a fashion choice left open for the occasion, however it raises the question. Had these sales not been on, would such an outfit have been purchased and would the ultimate ‘feel good’ factor have been achieved?… Absolutely not!


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